Porn Film Festival Berlin
︎Role: Art direction
This is a promotion video for the "Porn Film Festival Berlin". Sex is a very different subject and this is my first time to try to create the video related to sex. For myself, I ask the question what is the boundary between art and sex? I think if the movie or film which has more meaning for the audience can be considered as art. Therefore, I want to chose this topic and try to figure out the way to show it. Finally, I chose the "balloon" to be the symbol and use it in the video to show the sex suggestion. I created some simple shape balloon and to stimulate some issues of the Porn Film Festival. For example, the heart balloon with ropes is the suggestion of "BDSM". In addition, the breast balloons with long shape balloons is "Group sex". Two long shape balloons are implied to "Gay". I use room size scenes and use the camera go through the rooms and finally to the room with logo.

Music: Delibes - Coppélia - Waltz.